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Welcome to the site of the Aircraft restoration group,members of the group have been involved in aircraft preservation and restoration since 1969. And th egroup recently was elected as a full member of the British Aviation Preservation Council.

Our Members are all unpaid volunteers with backgrounds in all areas of aviation from the aircraft industry to military to just plain enthusiast.

 We are open to helpers at any time in our workshops located not far from Ripon In North Yorkshire in the UK our workshops are currently NOT open to visitors or tours and we also respect the confidentiality and request of the owners of the projects we are currently working on these include Two Supermarine Spitfires for Museums and collectors in the UK, A Flying Flea,A Soko Kraguj P2 Sparrowhawk, and a Vampire T11 amongst others.

 We support private collectors,collections and museums by restoring parts and components and undertaking rebuilds of full aircraft or just shaping and restoring parts or supplying kits of parts to other builders.Currently this includes parts manufactured from over 12,000 Supermarine Spitfire drawings we currently hold.

We do not Undertake currently work on Airworthy Aircraft only those to a static or ground running state.

During 2013we are proud to be a key part of the Westland Whirlwind Fighter Project a very exciting project to recreate this very underrated and amazing twin engined aircraft of ww2.

 A lot of this site is currently under construction and we ask for your patience as it will we feel be an asset to project owners and builders alike with our archives of drawings etc going online for serious research etc.This will be accessible by a donation to the work our volunteers undertake to help preserve our aviation heritage.


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